Matadors Flee Orinda over Spring Break

Spring break lies in a unique time of year where vacationers can either flock to tropical locations and get their pre-summer tan ready, or take in the last weeks of the ski season in the mountains. Matadors undoubtedly took advantage of this, with numerous students escaping to Everywhere from Cabo San Lucas to Tahoe.

Every spring break vacation is unique, with students doing a wide variety of activities during the one week span. For example, junior Frankie Veverka spent her week off in Tijuana, Mexico, building houses for those in need with fellow philanthropists from the Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church (MVPC). Although Veverka opted out of the normal spring break relaxation, she gained a lot from the trip. “I became really close with my team and host families and had a blast playing with kids in the village,” Frankie said.

Another Matador even went international in his week off. Junior Nick Miller took a relaxing trip to the white sands of Cabo San Lucas, and basked in the warm Mexican sunlight. Miller is adjunct to the large Matador population that spent their spring break near warm, salty water and prepped their skin for the summer.

Miller and Veverka are just two examples that show the many unique vacations taken during the time of spring. One can truly get a taste of almost every season in this week off. In additon, with how stressful the third quarter is among upperclassmen, spring break provides an oasis of relief that allows students and staff alike to escape to a stress-free location, whether it be in the snow or on the beach.