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What is the Winningest Sports Team at Miramonte?

Brian Tan

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Every sports team at Miramonte wants the right to call themselves the most successful sports team. The tennis team made sweaters that said “Mats Tennis 2009– The Winningest Team at Miramonte”. Students around Miramonte saw the slogan and either wondered about the validity of the claim or rolled their eyes.  To set the story straight once and for all, I am here to find out who is truly the winningest team at Miramonte.

As conventional wisdom would have it, many would assume the most successful sports teams are Boys’ Water Polo, Baseball, Tennis, Football, and Girls’ Tennis and Basketball.  Without any bias at all, I will proceed to attempt to measure the success of teams by number of league, NCS titles since 1995.  Several spring sports including baseball lack a State Championship tournament.

With 11 NCS Titles and 6 in the past 8 years, Boys’ Water Polo wins the award for being the Winningest Team at Miramonte.  Though they lost to Acalanes in a controversial final this year, water polo has remained a powerhouse in creating star athletes.  Many go on to play in college, and there always seems to be a never-ending stream of star players entering high school and the team.  A notable achievement however, is that the men’s tennis team had won league titles every year from 1959-1989.
Although regular season titles are impressive, legacies are made in the playoffs. While the men’s tennis team has dominated the DFAL for the past three decades, the team’s lack of postseason success doesn’t cut it.  Ask any Wild Card Super Bowl champion (Green Bay Packers), and they will tell you they are remembered more for winning when it mattered most.

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What is the Winningest Sports Team at Miramonte?