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2016-2017 Staff

Max Kreutzelman

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Sophomore Max Kreutzelman spends his time watching Donald Trump on Fox News and Hannity. He plays Waterpolo for Miramonte and Lamorinda. He enjoys to watch Pretty Little Liars and practice the art of oragami.

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Cassidy Haskell

Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassy Haskell is super cool and is super ready to write some super investigative journalism this year as a staff member in her first year on Mirador. She likes to run really fast, but her main passion is elbows. She also likes stalking graduated...

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Reagan Tierney

Staff Writer

Junior Reagan Tierney is excited for her first year as a Mirador staff writer. Besides being a journalist, in her spare time she likes to try to grow taller than her younger sister, take pictures with other people's pugs, and count the number of freckl...

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Peter Stehr

Sports Editor

Junior writer Peter Stehr enjoys playing football and baseball for the matadors, as well as driving his $750 Eddie Bauer edition Ford Explorer. This year Peter is replacing his brother Clayton as the sports editor for the Mirador. He looks forward to...

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Jeremy O'Neill

Staff Writer

Senior Jeremy O’Neill is keen to start his first year on the Mirador staff. He has a dream that one day he will impress readers with the originality of  his ideas, and reminds Miramonte students that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. When he isn’t...

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Jonah Medal-Katz

Staff Writer

Junior Jonah Medal-Katz is looking forward to his first year on the Mirador staff. Jonah is excited to write with his buddies Dirty Rob, Xavier Clark and Peter Stehr. When he isn't writing award winning, critically acclaimed articles you can catch him pla...

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Katie Lyons

Staff Writer

Sophomore Katie Lyons is excited to join the Mirador staff.  When she isn’t cranking out articles, you can find her sleeping on the quad before practice, setting her watch to the exact second the bell rings, or watching The Office.  She has a cat na...

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Ryan Little

Broadcast Editor

If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce. -Gucci Mane

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Angelina Little

Staff Writer

Junior Angelina Little is excited to be on the Mirador for her first year as a staff writer, and even more excited to fight with her brother, Ryan, over who did the dishes that morning (spoiler alert: it wasn't Ryan). In her free time she enjoys watching...

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Kiki Immel

Staff Writer

Junior Kiki Immel is looking forward to her first year on the Mirador staff. She is excited for a relaxed junior year full of writing articles, AP classes, and standardized tests. You can find her on the tennis courts, with her friends, spending quality ...

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Jayson Fernbacher

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Sophomore Jayson Fernbacher enjoys playing croquet and reading the comics on Sundays.  He loves to write poetry and specializes in freestyling. His inspiration for each of his articles is his passion for news. If he had one weapon in an apocalypse,...

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Sarah Burnick

Staff Writer

Junior Sarah Burnick is simply thrilled to join the Mirador newsroom as a staff writer this year. Sarah can often be found lurking in the hallways in a hipster graphic t-shirt and a pair of Birkenstocks. She spends a lot of time on the cross country course,...

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Daniel Konstantino


Senior Daniel Konstantino is eager to contribute in his second year on the Mirador staff. He's hoping to enlighten Miramonte students with new and fun angles for local happenings. He is getting uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person,...

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Makenna Millham

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Makenna Millham is stoked to be heading into her second year in Mirador. In her free time Makenna loves to draw, paint, run and spend time with friends. She is the oldest of four, two of which are Matadors. Her favorite subject in school...

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Pearl Biggers

Feature Editor

Features editor Pearl Biggers is excited to be back writing and editing feature articles for the Mirador. In her free time she enjoys trying to control everything, obsessively cleaning, worrying about potential situations, and thinking of bad puns. If ...

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Kendall Roberts

Co-managing Editor

Junior Kendall Roberts has been on The Mirador staff for two years. You can generally find her running from responsibility, complaining about her 1,000,000 hours of homework, or retelling moderately entertaining stories like a broken record-player.

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Madison Alvarado


Editor-in-Chief Madison Alvarado enjoys writing inflammatory essays on why she hates Christopher Columbus and men in general. Her aspirations include being a motivational speaker at hot dog eating contests and being slightly passive aggressive. At lunch,...

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Charlotte Houston

News Editor

Senior news editor Charlotte Houston is just a girl doing her best to avoid contracting giardia. In her free time, she enjoys pitching camping tents, eating s'mores, and drinking river water without a water purifier. She accepts that death is our eventual...

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