Students Celebrate No Shave November

Zakk Bluford
December 1, 2010
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Marvel at the cultural phenomenon that is No Shave November! This annual celebration of manly facial hair has struck the nation in recent years, including high schools such as Miramonte. But don’t assume that one has to grow facial hair at a high rate to participate; everyone is invited. The point... Read more »

Graphic Novels Should Be Taught More in English Classes

Zakk Bluford
November 5, 2010
Filed under Opinion

If the English language can be found in so many different media, why do most high school English teachers insist so strongly on teaching from traditionally written novels? Some teachers choose to deviate from this tendency, assigning their students poems, philosophical essays, or speeches to read. Others... Read more »

Major League Caps Hit a Fashionable Home Run

Zakk Bluford
October 1, 2010
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There is no denying the dominance that some baseball teams maintain over the sport in a variety of ways. The New York Yankees win the most, as America was recently reminded with the team’s 27th earned (or bought) championship arriving just last year. The Boston Red Sox have the most tradition with... Read more »