Killer Elite Features Killer Cast

Rachael Oczkus, Entertainment Editor

The bad boys in the business, Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro star in the new film Killer Elite.

The action packed adventure loosely based off of Ranulph Flennes’ novel, The Feather Men, keeps viewers on their toes with an intricate plot.

Killer Danny Bryce (Statham) attempts to leave the “game” of killing after a job turns ugly. After a year away from the business, he must return to save his friend Hunter (De Niro) who has been captured by a rich sheikh from Dubai. To free Hunter, Bryce’s task is to kill three British Special Air Service agents responsible for killing the sheikh’s three sons. Former Special Air Service operative Spike Logan (Owen), gets wind of the operation and tries to do everything in his power to stop the crew from accomplishing the task.

The plot thickens with the inclusion of side stories about a government conspiracy, a secret society, and, of course, the always-needed romantic drama. The dramatic aspects of the film, although seemingly random, add to the plotline and development of the characters.

The best part of the film? Seeing De Niro back as a certified badass taking over the screen once again. De Niro and Statham’s chemistry on film makes for great action scenes. Sadly, Owen and De Niro’s only exchanges are punches and grunts.

Unfortunately, as a result of the many mini-plots, the film lacked any quality narrative.

Most of the film was a game of catch-up. Thankfully, in the end, the web of plots all came together and finally the movie was comprehensible.

The biggest problem with Killer Elite was it’s pace. The many plots were somewhat jumbled and caused a lot of confusion and false endings.
Statham definitely carries the movie. With such perfect casting for the lead role, the action could not be any more badass. Car chases, mystery murders, and plenty of blood fill the screen. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie with an uneasy stomach.

For movie-goers fascinated with crazy action and thrilling moments, Killer Elite is the must see of the month!