Oscar Show Meets Expectations

Oscar Show Meets Expectations

Julia Govan, Staff Writer

The 84th Oscars far exceeded expectations this year. Billy Crystal hosted them for his ninth time, and despite his somewhat creepy and blatantly obvious plastic surgery, he did America proud. His jokes were far edgier this time around, abandoning some of his lame, slapstick-style jokes. His classic opening monologue videos never cease to make audiences erupt into laughter, and upon seeing the hilarious romantic exchange played between Crystal and Oscar nominee George Clooney, no one could doubt his right to be on stage yet again.

Oscar fashion is always one of the most talked about aspects of the show. Most notably, was Angelina Jolie’s pose on the red carpet, which just cannot go unmentioned. Just in case people didn’t notice the slit in her black dress that almost reached her thigh, she felt the need to accentuate it even more. She stuck her leg out awkwardly all night, even when on stage presenting an award. Such a stance induced mockery from Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar winner Jim Rash, who couldn’t help but mimic her shortly afterwards.

Most of the Oscar wins were not surprising, with the exception of the five Oscar grabs for Hugo, which should prompt people to reevaluate their initial impressions of the Martin Scorsese film.

Jean Dujardin snatched the Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role for The Artist. While he was more than deserving of the title, George Clooney from The Descendants was a close rival. Clooney played the role of a misguided dad impeccably, which leads some to wonder how the Oscar slipped his grasp.

Octavia Spencer rightfully won Best Supporting Actress for The Help and humbly accepted the award. The Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role unfortunately went out to Oscar golden girl Meryl Streep for her third win to date. The film Iron Lady was not very popular at the box office nor well received critically, yet her portrayal of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher seemed to outweigh these factors. As Streep said herself upon accepting the award, a unanimous groan across the country could be heard. Viola Davis for The Help was projected to win and was deserving of the coveted award.

This year the ratings surpassed those of the previous year, making the Oscars still one of the highest watched events every year.