Sound Remedy Concert Review

Cole Sitar, Staff Writer

Sound Remedy, an emerging electronic remix artist, blew away fans with a spectacular sold out show in San Francisco on Friday, Sept. 13. Sound Remedy’s venue, the Brick and Mortar Music Hall, was packed with fans even before the opening act took the stage.

At around 10:15 p.m., Clark Kent, a dubstep artist from Santa Cruz, started to ramp up up the crowd with a great opening set of his most popular songs including “Fragments” and “On the Shore.” Clark Kent may still be relatively obscure, but he earned some new fans on Friday. “I didn’t really know him before, but I’m going to check him out at home,” Miramonte junior Alex Eberle said.

Although Clark Kent captured its attention, the crowd came for Sound Remedy and wasn’t afraid to say so. When Sound Remedy, who is only musically active under his stage name, arrived on stage for only his second ever sold out show, the club went crazy. After a quick shout out to San Francisco, Sound Remedy kicked off his set by playing his biggest hit, “Medicine,” to resounding cheers.


           Over the next two hours, Sound Remedy blasted out hit after hit into the enthralled fans. “This is amazing,” Miramonte junior John Diamantidis said during a thrilling rendition of “Liberation.” Although Sound Remedy’s discography is slightly limited due to his recent start in electronic music two years ago, he supplemented his show with his own twist on other hits such as “New Slaves”by Kanye West, and had no problem pumping up the crowd.

At around 2:30 a.m., Sound Remedy left the stage after playing fan-favorite “Walk On By” in a spectacular grand finale. The show left some fans struggling to find words for their excitement.  “We found ourselves tonight”, Miramonte juniors Emily Burch and Hollyn Cetrone said, and it was clear that almost everyone there would have agreed. Sound Remedy did not disappoint, and his fans got even more than they hoped for.