Student Wishlists


Ari Stein, Staff Writer

1. The iPhone 5C and 5S

With all the new features of the iPhone 5s and color options for the iPhone 5c, it is at the top of many Miramonte student’s wishlist. “A new iPhone would be super cool” sophomore Claire Manrique said.


2. Clothes

Matadors are looking for ways to update their wardrobes with this season’s newest trends. “I always like getting clothes for Christmas. It makes getting dressed after break so much more fun!” senior Evan McAvenia said.


3.Good Grades 

The ultimate gift for some students is to the end the semester with good grades. “All I want is an A in math,” freshman Brigid Berndt said.


 4. A Pet 

“All I want for Christmas is a Teacup Persian cat because they are so cuddly and cute, but I think my other cat might eat it,” junior Haley Stanten said.


5. A GPS

For some new drivers, navigating from place to place can be hard.“I am terrible at remembering directions,” sophomore Harrison Drake said.


6. Cow Onesie

‘Tis the season for creative gifts. “For Christmas, I would really like a cow onesie with a hood, because I like cows,” sophomore Natalie Adey said.