Razor Scooters Make a Comeback

Ellie Poling and Meghan Rogers, Editor in Chief and Opinion Editor

The radical Razor scooters from our youth are making a comeback! Now is your chance to dust off your retro model and ride it with pride through the streets. Razors are particularly useful in that they can fold into a compact form that can fit in a backpack, giving much more swag than skateboards. Not to mention they are easier to deal with than the cumbersome bicycle.

“I use it to get from point A to B, it’s definitely my preferred mode of transportation,” senior and Razor master Jeff Lee said.

By providing you with two handles to hold on to, Razor scooters are much safer than your typical skateboard. Also tricked out with a break on the back pedal, you need not worry about animals on the sidewalk. These scooters also allow said scooter-er to practice new tricks which are great to pick up chicks and also males.

Consider bringing one of these bad boys to finals week and use it to make other students jealous as you effortlessly glide through the hallways to your next class. With your scooter handy, you won’t even need to worry about parking in the J-Lot and driving to school. Just roll up your scooter, tuck it in your backpack, and be on your way. The sky is the limit, my scootering friend. Take advantage of this gift.