GoPro Review

Andrew Deaver, Staff Writer

GoPro is dominating the video camera industry. These small, compact, light weight cameras have high definition capabilities which blow their opponents out of the water. GoPro’s allow the user to take extreme action video photography through a wide angled lense with a rugged exterior casing. The housing of the camera is pressure resistant and can be taken 40 meters underwater with no distorted imaging. Miramonte students like myself, have created videos while doing many activities above and below the water.


“I like to clip my GoPro to the crossbar of the polo cage so I can look at my shots.It’s a great tool because I can look at my form in really good quality,” senior Jordan Hoover said.


The camera performs well if you clip in on your ski helmet, snowboard, skis, wakeboard, dog, even the cockpit of an F18 fighter jet.


“I love my GoPro. I’ve taken it up to Tahoe every weekend I go up. The new edition of the touch screen has made watching videos super easy,” junior Garrett Johnson said.


The versatility of the camera is unmatched, and people use these cameras for a wide variety of sports and activities. GoPro has produced many mounts for the camera that give the user many different camera angles.


“I like to use my head mount the most, but I also like my short, hand-held pole, and my chest mount. Each mount has a cool angle,” junior Max Murphy said.


GoPro has recently come out with the new Hero Four Black Edition that has a built-in touchscreen which makes viewing footage and changing settings more convenient. This new camera is superior with its advanced core processor which is two times faster than the Hero Four Silver Edition. The new device has also improved wifi capabilities where the user can turn their camera on with a small remote from a range of 600 feet. One can also access their videos on their smartphone using the GoPro App or Apple TV.


“The new GoPro is sweet. I can watch all my videos on my phone whenever I want and there’s never any buffering. This is a huge improvement from the Hero Three,” junior BMXer Paul Shariff said.


GoPro is heavily advertised by athletes at the apex of their sport and by all Red Bull sponsored athletes.


GoPro has created its own video producing software that is user-friendly and allows the user to edit their videos however they desire in 1080 pixels. The software is excellent for editing single photos, short clips, long length videos, and the exporting process is a breeze.