G-Eazy Review

Kate Dunn, Staff Writer

The line of excited fans wrapped around the entire square outside City Hall in San Francisco. The crowd generally consisted of people in the age range of late teens to young adults, mostly dressed in dark colors. Some dressed to resemble G-Eazy, slicking back their hair and sporting the signature leather jacket. The headline “G-Eazy, Feb 11” was lit up on the sign at the entrance of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Police officers stood by, cautioning the overexcited crowd not to run to the ticket line, in an attempt to contain the overwhelming enthusiasm that vibrated throughout the endless line.

The Bay Area welcomed its own rapper G-Eazy at his last stop on his international tour, “When It’s Dark Out”. The concert took place at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and featured A$AP Ferg, Marc E. Bassy, Logic, Nef the Pharaoh and Devon Baldwin, among several others.

G-Eazy’s second studio album, “When It’s Dark Out”, was released Dec. 4 2015, and has been one of G’s top-selling albums, even topping the Billboard Top 200. The album sold 103,000 copies in just the first week of its release, rising in popularity with the songs “Me, Myself, and I”, “Order More” and “Random”. Unsurprisingly, each of the 25 venues on the tour was packed to the maximum and every ticket was sold.

On the final night of his tour in his home town, it was expected that G would put on a fantastic show in his home city, and he undoubtedly delivered. A$AP Ferg put on an amazing opening performance with some of his greatest hits including “Work” and “Dump Dump”, which the crowd enjoyed every minute of.

By the end of the opening sets, the crowd grew somewhat impatient. Shouts of “we want G-Eazy!” bounced throughout the auditorium. Every single fan in the building was anxiously awaiting the homecoming performance of Young Gerald; Bill Graham buzzed with collective excitement.

Finally, when first notes of “Random” rang out, the crowd exploded. The energy when the Bay’s rapper stepped onto the stage was electric; everyone went crazy. Perhaps the difference in energy compared to other concerts lies in the pride that the Bay has for homegrown success. G-Eazy payed tribute to the Bay by performing the songs “Far Alone” and “Champion”. Both songs distinctly reflect G-Eazy’s connection with the Bay Area by referencing the Golden State Warriors, as well as his career taking off while growing up in Oakland.

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Photo: Instagram @g_eazy