Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Kiki Immel, Staff Writer

Halloween falls perfectly every year during quarter replacement and midterm season. Making warm apple cider, carving spooky pumpkins, and spending hours choosing a costume are replaced with studying, studing, and more studying. The last thing students have time to think about is what costume they will be wearing. Well, stress no longer with these last minute Halloween costumes.


1. Unicorn

What you need: White or pastel colored pants and shirt, piece of paper, and headband

How to make it: Roll up a piece of paper into a cone, tape it, then tape the cone onto a headband



2. Referee

What you need: White shirt, black shorts, tall socks, and black tape

How to make it: Take long strips of the black tape and space them evenly along the shirt


3. Identity Theft

What you need: Black pants, t-shirt, and name tags

How to make it: Write random names on the name tags and stick them onto the shirt


4. Snapchat Ghost

What you need: White bed sheet and yellow piece of paper

How to make it: Tape the paper to the back of the sheet


5. Gingerbread Man

What you need: Orange hair and bread

How to make it: All you need to do is carry around a loaf of bread


6. Channel from Scream Queen

What you need: Faux fur jacket, pink skirt, pink skirt, tall socks, and sunglasses

What you need: Channel from Scream Queens