Not So Happy Thanksgiving

Nicola Gonzales, Business Manager

We all know the origin of Thanksgiving- back in the good ole’ days of 1621 when the Wampanoag saved the fledgling settlers’ butts and they shared a peaceful meal together (probably one of the last times Native Americans and white settlers got along). Every year since, we’ve had this traditional holiday to show our thanks and appreciate the tribes’ help.

However, Thanksgiving never fails to be one of the most entertaining holidays of the year. Parents and grandparents go into hyper-stress mode and turkeys are flying, kids are running everywhere, and soccer balls end up in valuable china carioles. Each family has their funny holiday mishaps, and Miramonte families are no exception.

A few years ago, all was going well in the Richardson household (home to junior Kady and freshman Will). There was a gorgeous pumpkin pie sitting on the table, covered with whipped cream, just waiting to be eaten. The youngest Richardson sibling, Jamie, was looking eagerly at the pie when a great uncle came and pushed his face right down into it!

“He was covered in whipped cream and there was a huge face shaped dent in the pie,” said Richardson.

Other families have had similar, yet not as heinous, situations. Junior Liz Berndt’s family came to dinner, and realized they hadn’t made most of it yet.

“We walked in, and our moms were like okay lets eat and then there was just turkey and stuffing…they forgot to make the mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberries this year. We ate two hours late,” said Berndt.

Junior Natalie Vigo was dropped on a glass table as a baby Thanksgiving morning. She had a bloody lip in all the pictures.

At junior Rachael Purcell’s Thanksgiving, her grandmother brought a beautifully made apple pie. She set it a little too close to the edge of the counter, and soon enough, Purcell’s dog had captured and eaten this long awaited pie.

Thanksgiving is full of awkward failures, but each time we learn how to avoid certain catastrophes. With or without a pie, green beans, or mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving will always be a joyful holiday that allows us to reconnect with family members and remember the first Thanksgiving.