Ode to Theo

Maddie Geary, Business Manager

Spend all thy time with thy precious kitty cat,

Including thine weekend evenings ritually.


Treat thy kitty as thy lover,

With thine utmost affection and care.

Shower thy kitty with thy kisses and cuddles.


Ne’er betray thy kitty,

By befriending another fellow fur.


Ne’er stray away from thy kittys little beating heart,

For you shall see it is what has loved you from the very start.

And if you shall decide to hurt thy kitty,

Thy powerful kitty will be sure to avenge thee.


Be sure to memorize the melody o’ the Aristocats,

For their tune is carried in the depths of thy kittys heart,

And meanwhile serves as a pure rectitude of companionship.


Ne’er fault to wear thy own meowing shoes and ears too.


Thou furthermore must follow thy kittys daily routine,

Including none other than thy kittys own kibble


For, an owner of a precious kitty is much more,

Than just a kitty cat owner.

Thy owner of a kitty is a kittys best friend.