Breaking News: Gabbi Kreutzelman Is Elected Senior Class President in Tie-Breaker

Juliet Miller and Margaret Ross, Staff Writers

After a tie, a re-vote determined Gabbi Kreutzelman, over opponent Jordan Friedman, as the Senior Class President. The re-election was open for 15 minutes during fourth period on Thursday. Senior officers of other positions and all officers in other grades were announced after the initial election last week. Senior Vice President/Secretary is Jen Stanten. Sarah Cain is Treasurer. Junior Class President is Anna Casey. Liz Hofinga is Vice President/Secretary, and Corine Whitsitt is Treasurer. Sophomore Class President is Megan Miller, with Katie Hawkins as Vice President/Secretary and Charlie Hocking as Treasurer. Potential freshman officers will be interviewed April 14-18, and will be announced in late April.