Lingo: What’s the Word for That?

Brooke Woodward

abbrevihating: criticizing a person’s use of abbreviations.

aimglish: the language used on AIM or other instant messaging programs, usually includes numerous abbreviations but a lack of punctuation and capitalization.

cellular faux: a social phenomenon which occurs when a person acts as though he/she is on his/her cell phone in order to shield his/herself from uncomfortable situations.

Facebookable: 1. a picture that is acceptable to be posted on Facebook, however you define acceptable 2. a person who is worthy of a Facebook friend request.

Facebook crush: a person you are crushing on over Facebook, usually by constantly refreshing their profile to check for new wall-to-walls, status updates, and tagged photos.

Facebook limbo: the electronic space between rejecting or accepting a friend request on Facebook, often occurs when someone is 1. not Facebookable (see above) or 2. you have already denied them and this guarantees you don’t have to deny them again and they cannot request you again or 3. denying someone may cause controversy.

Farmvilleing: the act of using the addictive Facebook application called Farmville; i.e. “Mr. Egeland was Farmevilleing all last night and I kept getting Facebook notifications!”

freshmance: a relationship between two high school freshmen, usually short-lived, meaningless, and the cause of pointless drama.

freshmanizing: preying on freshmen girls, an act usually committed by upperclassmen males who cannot catch a girl their own age.

high key: when something is risky and/or someone is likely to get caught in the act, the opposite of low key; i.e. “Cutting class during fourth period to go to Bianca’s with your bass pounding and windows down is so high key.”

iPhonitis: the numbing of the fingertips after excessive iPhone use, may also apply when using an iTouch.

L8: appropriate to say anytime a person gets owned; i.e. “The junior girls got L8ed by the seniors in Powderpuff.”

last texter: a person who unnecessarily responds to a text message when the conversation is clearly over, for the sole cause of being the last person to text.

people voice: the voice people use when they greet or talk to someone that is not their friend, usually abnormally energetic and nice, may also be used to suck up to adults; i.e. “That girl uses her people voice when she talks to seniors.”

phone camping: the term used when a person responds so quickly to a text that your phone shows they responded before the original text was actually sent, can be extremely creepy.
Photoboothing: taking pictures on the Mac program Photobooth; i.e. “Did you see the picture of Adam Clark photoboothing with Mary Diamantidis and Shelby Church in the MAC lab?”

T9po/T9agram: an error made while texting when your phone predicts what you want to say, can result in extreme embarrassment when you send a text before you notice the mistake.

textpectation: 1. the innate feeling that you are about to receive a text message 2. the anticipation of a response to a text, often when a precarious text was sent in the middle of a rapid conversation and it is taking a while for your fellow texter to reply.

textrovert: a person who is more fearless over texting than when talking in person, usually someone who admits their opinions and/or true feelings over text rather than in a face-to-face confrontation.

toe cleavage: occurs when a girl is wearing shoes that do not fully cover her toes.