Loose Talk: Eavesdroppers Listen In

Mirador has spies conveniently located on all corners of the campus. Watch out, you never know who’s listening. Here’s what we have heard:

“I sold my virginity for 20 dollars.” Anonymous

“Trust me. He’s tough. I looked him up in the yearbook.” Robby Tong

“Headbands are totally back in right now. I’m not even lying.” Jake Nelson

“It’s classes like these that make me want to drop out of school and start popping out babies.” Selena Ross

“My feet turn purple in the mornings. Like Barney purple.” Ben Van de Brooke

“That’s a man? He has hips like Shakira.” Bailey Tumas

“When I look at you it makes me want to quit my job and run away.” Mr. Ravi, the substitute

“Yes! It’s pitch black. Now I can make out with my sweatshirt!” Mary Diamantidis

“Marina just told me that if she didn’t know me she’d hate me. So now I’m over here eating my feelings.” Hannah Tennant

Sophia Rogers: “Michael, you’re covered in hair.” (referring to dog hair)
Michael Roe: “That’s because I’m a man.”

Ross Andrews: “Isn’t my voice just so soothing? It’s like a bubble bath.”
Farid Jabbari: “Yeah.”
Ross Andrews: “Stop it, you’re making me blush.”