14 Things To Do Over Winter Break

1) Find the most eccentric member of your family and make them your new best friend.
2) Finally check out your local tourist attractions (for example: Alcatraz, cable cars, Coit Tower, etc.)
3) Catch up on all the movies and TV that you missed while you were studying for tests and doing homework.
4) Befriend the random classmates who have also been abandoned over winter break and found an exclusive club called the “Left Overs”.
5) Create a harmlessly misleading Facebook account under the name of a toy or fictional character (Ex: Malibu Barbie)
6) Beat the video game that your friends haven’t been able to complete. When they return don’t tell them.
7) Elf yourself.
8) Watch Davis Louie (oh, and the team) ball it up on the courts.
9) Send sweet Christmas cards to Mrs. Quiter.
10) Go sledding on Mt. Diablo.
11) Make snow. (If you figure this out, let us know.)
12) Come up with 5 solid reasons why Team Edward is better than Team Jacob.
13) Hide behind bushes and pelt children with snowballs/Orinda slush.
14) Listen to Christmas music and drink hot cocoa/apple cider.