It’s That Time of Year Again… Junior Prom 2010

Lauren Stewart

After countless public prom invitations, days spent finding the perfect dress or renting a tux, and all the fanatical planning that goes into this one night, Prom is here. Well, at least it’s tomorrow. So, in the spirit of Junior Prom, Mirador has compiled the essentials for this year’s prom: how to enjoy it, who put the most thought into his or her invites, and last minute ways to find that special someone to take to prom.

Top Three Prom Invites

1. Philip Chang – Haley Rowland:

Phillip Chang and Haley Roland are both Harry Potter fanatics. Chang decided that in order to ensure a positive response, he would incorporate Harry Potter into Prom.

Chang wrote seven letters to be delivered to each of Haley’s classes. The first letter was a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts explaining that she would be receiving numerous gifts which would be useful in her education at Hogwarts. The second letter came along with a snuggie, representing her “cloak.” The third letter came with a wand, the fourth a cauldron, the fifth a cat to be her “familiar.” The sixth letter came with a book of wizard stories, and the seventh and final letter Chang hand-delivered with the big question… asking her to attend junior prom with him. She of course said YES!

2. Chris Thatcher – Shannon McMahon:

Chris Thatcher knew  Shannon McMahon was the perfect prom date. However, Peter James, also known as Lil PJ (Check out full album Phace Value, coming April 20), thought so too. James and Thatcher discussed the situation and decided that Thatcher would be the one to ask her.

The following Monday, Thatcher heard a rumor that James was going to go against their agreed upon treaty,  and ask McMahon anyways. Hurt and betrayed,  Thatcher quickly called his mom to set up the plan for that same day in order to prevent the blaphemous James from asking her first.

His mother ordered five cupcakes at The Republic of Cake each with the letters J-P-R-O-M. These cupcakes were then placed in a box and put into the display case with a note on top with McMahon’s name.

Later that afternoon during seventh period, Mackenzie Martin invited McMahon to join her on a trip to ROC. When they arrived, she found the box and inside, a rhyme telling her to go home. Once at home she received a vase of flowers with another rhyme explaining that Thatcher was the one asking her to Prom. She called him, and told him YES!

3. Claire Nicolaou – PJ Gabrielli:

Claire Nicolaou had the difficult task of coming up with an idea to ask her senior boyfriend, PJ Gabrielli, to Junior Prom.  Her mom came up with the initial idea of incorporating one of Gabrielli’s favorite foods, pizza. This is when Nicolaou remembered the movie Princess Diaries, where princess Mia used M&M’s to write out “sorry” on the pizza.

M&M’s didn’t seem very appetizing so Nicolaou decided to use sausages instead to spell out “JPROM?”. She ordered an extra large cheese pizza from Round Table and had the delivery guy meet her at the front of the school at 11:40 sharp. Nicolaou then directed the delivery guy to walk around the senior lawn yelling Gabrielli’s name. When the pizza was delivered, PJ opened it up and then brought a piece of the pizza to Nicolaou and told her YES!

How To Have the Most Fun At Prom

1. Take pictures with friends… on the dance floor, in the bathrooms, in the closets, etc.
2. Wander/Explore the premises
3. Don’t ditch your date/ Bring someone you actually want to hang out with
4. Keep it Casual
5. Play Poker

Last Minute Ways to Find A Date

1. The T-Shirt Wash: Write “Prom with…” on a plain t-shirt in permanent ink, along with different boys and girls names in washable ink. However, write your own name in permanent ink. When the unsuspecting potential date washes the shirt, they will see who is actually asking them to prom. It would be wise to add “Wash Me” directions, and not to include the names of other people you both know, so they don’t get their hopes up for someone else.
2. Go “stag” But bring flowers to a dateless girl on the bus. Cute, easy, and perfect for all those procrastinators out there.
3. Paper Plates on telephone poles: Self explanatory and overdone, but if you still haven’t asked someone…
4. Have Mr. Clark ask: over the loudspeakers. Who doesn’t love our principal’s announcements?

Here are some honorable mentions that we couldn’t print.