Over the Rainbow, to the Land of Limericks

There once was a young whipa’ from Ireland
If it wasn’t your land it’s my land
Rainbows he traveled
Dreams he unraveled
Only to find his pot so grand.

D. Louie is quite the chap
When he hits the court they clap
Hops for a mile
He plays in style
And with his bass he slaps.

Once a boy from Miramonte
In love with his little bonnie
He loved her so much
‘Twas quite the crush
She then moved to Acalanes. L8

A curly-haired lass from the shire
Was completely off the wire
He told a riddle
While playing his fiddle
Still having the trace of desire.

The stimulus package began
Following  Afghanistan
It may have its faults
To those we must halt
$800 billion is now sand. L8

G.I. Joe lived a structured life
Barbie wanted to be his wife
Here comes the litter
Hate oh so bitter
Barbie killed G.I. Joe with a knife. L8

All year he awaited prom
And putting his sweet Vans on
But looking like Sneakers
His date became meeker
But jigged with his lass until dawn.