Two Sides to Every Story and Injury

When people are involved in strange or embarrassing situations, most will do their best to keep their stories from the general public. But if news of such events reaches the surface and makes it to the Orindian gossip-circles, more than one version usually arises. A wise man once said, “There are two sides to every story.” But when one side describes a dramatic battle with a mountain lion and the other speaks of a small scuffle with a house cat, how can you separate the exaggeration from the truth? That’s where we come in. As dedicated Mirador reporters, we have brought to you three such stories with perspectives from both the victim and a witness:

“Get off my Foot!”:

Victim: Alex Tehrani

Miramonte junior Alex Tehrani was getting dropped off at the Miramonte circle by pal Roy Erez after a quick trip to Safeway. After thanking his friend for giving him a ride, Tehrani gingerly stepped out of the passenger seat and opened the car door to the back seat in order to reach for his bag. All of a sudden, an intense pain shot through Tehrani’s foot. Erez, oblivious to his friend’s physical whereabouts, had started to pull the car forward.

“Roy, you’re on my foot!” yelled Tehrani, futilely trying to get his friend’s attention. “Get off my foot!”

“Dude, you’re gonna break his foot!” shouted a student bystander.

After a couple of excruciating seconds, Tehrani finally felt the pressure on his foot alleviate. But then it was back! Confused driver Erez had rolled the car forward off of Tehrani’s foot, and then in a panicked state of mind had put the car into reverse and driven over Tehrani’s foot again! Fortunately this time was only a brief roll over. After the initial agony and disbelief, Tehrani got up the nerve to check the damage to his foot. Expecting the worst, Tehrani was prepared to see broken bones or even unresponsive toes. However, luck was on his side and the only thing he had to take away from this terrible experience was a broken toenail and an awkward memory for him and Erez.

Witness: Roy Erez

Blasting some Lil Wayne from the speakers of his car with his windows down, junior Roy Erez pulled his car into the Miramonte circle in order to rid himself of the freeloader, Alex Tehrani, whom he had selflessly driven to Safeway.

“Alex, get out of my car,” demanded Erez.

Tehrani then slid out of the car, slamming the passenger door without so much as a thank you. Erez, a little hurt that his generosity was going unacknowledged, decided to brush off Tehrani’s attitude and head on home. Mere seconds after starting forward, Erez heard screaming from the back window of his car. Concerned, Erez took a few seconds to assess the situation while the screaming continued. Thinking he could somehow help whoever was in trouble behind him, Erez backed up the car to get a better view of what was happening.
While reversing, Erez thought he sensed the car had gone over a small bump, maybe a stray water bottle? Erez then became sidetracked as his thoughts wandered to concerns about widespread littering on campus. Only then did Erez notice the accusing looks in the eyes of nearby students and the look of pain on Tehrani’s face. Tehrani quickly relayed what happened to Erez who apologized profusely and thanked the fates for such a minimal injury.


Victim: Annie Singsank

Four years ago, Annie Singsank, a current Miramonte junior, was strolling down the paths of the Pebble Beach golf course in Carmel with her father and twin brother, Luke. Today was a special treat for the Singsanks, who were at the golf course during a AT&T celebrity golf tournament with admission funds going to charity. After following Justin Timberlake around and trying to muster up the courage to yell “You’re Fired!” to Donald Trump while he teed-off, Annie decided to simply watch celebrities from afar.

Then all of a sudden, while walking in what was supposed to be the safety zone for pedestrians, Annie saw a white blur whiz past her dad up ahead of her. Before she knew it, something pounded the side of her head. Before she could fall, her dad sat her down on the curb. While trying to orient herself, Annie found from the yells of the people surrounding her that some minor celebrity had missed his golf shot by a whole 90 degrees, sending the ball hurtling toward a crowd of people and apparently right at Annie’s head.

After a short interrogation by medical staff to determine the severity of the injury, Annie was deemed okay to go. As it turned out, the minor celebrity who needed to brush up on his golf skills was Thomas Gibson, a semi-known actor from the show Dharma and Greg, and random detective shows. He even did some modeling for a while. As a sign of apology, Gibson signed the very ball which had almost taken Annie out and gave it to her as a trophy to cherish forever. The Singsanks have gone to the annual tournament every year since and Gibson has apologized to Annie each time.

Witness: Luke Singsank

According to his standards, Miramonte junior Luke Singsank was having a pretty good day. Watching professional and celebrity golfers like Phil Mickleson tee-off live was much more engaging than watching it on the Sports Channel. Aside from observing golfers, Luke had a great conversation with a group of tourists who were Iowa Hawkeye fans like himself.

While walking along a path at the Pebble Beach golf course far in front of his sister, he distantly heard someone yell “Fore!” and then a commotion behind him. At first, Luke didn’t understand what was going on; it looked like his sister had spun around on a tire swing for too long and couldn’t keep her balance. Then he noticed the small white ball bouncing down the path in front of her and put the pieces together. Initial worry came to his mind followed by a repressed snort of amusement when he realized the situation wasn’t dire. A few bystanders gave the scene some concerned looks and walked on, a man who he guessed was a doctor had Annie follow his finger with her eyes while she sat on the side of the path. Hope swelled up in Luke’s stomach at the slim chance that Donald Trump had hit the shot; maybe he would try to make up for the injury with a couple million dollars. Luke thought of all the Hawkeye gear he could buy with money like that.

Disappointment crushed his hopes and dreams when he saw an unrecognizable pretty-boy, with obviously no athletic talent, walk up to Annie and apologize, and then hand her an autographed ball. Luke tries to avoid pretty-boy when he comes up to apologize to Annie every year. He wishes the guy would get over himself; no one is buying his charm. . . well at least Luke isn’t.

“Pressure Points, Risky Business”:

Witness: Brandt Sheets

Contrary to Alyssa’s version of the story, younger brother Brandt insists that his sister has exaggerated her “near-death experience” for years, and that it was really just an odd coincidence. According to Brandt, two or three years ago the two were just goofing off at home, and he had recently learned the pressure point technique. He wanted to show her that he could successfully execute the pressure point on her but didn’t think it would actually work.  However, as Brandt executed this experiment, Alyssa toppled to the ground. Brandt says that Alyssa insists that she “blacked out” but he believes it was nothing, considering the fact that she got back up a while later.

“She wasn’t unconsious or anything but merely mystified and she got a good laugh out of it.” So no harm, no foul, right? Well…

Victim: Alyssa Sheets

Older sister Alyssa considers her brother’s story to be utter blasphemy! Not only does she believe that her brother isn’t owning up to his responsibility for her near-death experience, but that he jumped at the opportunity to trick her when her guard was down.

According to Alyssa, this terrifying event occurred on a typical weekend afternoon at home as she was being a good sibling, innocently trying to relax and spend some quality brother-sister time together. All of a sudden, she heard him laugh maniacally and felt an intense pressure on the back of her neck near her brain stem. Alyssa was hurt that her brother would do something so awful. The last thing she remembers is that her vision went cloudy and she sank slowly to the floor. She said she was only discombobulated for a short period of time and once she regained her consciousness, she sprang to her feet and chased her brother down. Alyssa believes that this traumatizing experience changed her as a person. She now lives each day as though it were her last.

Mirador’s Take:

Although you may consider your multitude of strange experiences as terrifying or emotionally scarring, they should be looked upon as diamonds in the rough. When that car ran over your foot or when a golf ball sailed into the side of your head, it’s no secret that you wanted to shield your face from the rest of the world. We just hope you can peek out long enough to tell us your side of the story.