36 Things To Do Before You Graduate

1) Change every background in the computer lab to a picture of your face

2) Go for a ride in Mr. Graminski’s golf cart

3) Plant a cherry tree on the quad

4) Steal food from the teacher’s lounge

5) Eat lunch in a tree

6) Try every flavor of cupcake at Republic of Cake

7) Get free food from a friend through the Foods window

8 ) Wear roller skates to school

9) Get detention for having your phone in the library (bonus: do this three times and get a Saturday school)

10) Stand up to Mrs. Wetherell and don’t save your work in the computer lab

11) Start a food fight

12) Participate in a rally

13) Paint The Rock

14) Leave a message on a bathroom stall wall

15) Look cool as you drive over the junior lot speed bumps

Photo: K. Williams
Photo: K. Williams. Senior Christian Britto invited several friends to eat lunch with him in a tree, but was rejected. However, the embarrassment he faced was worth the fufillment of this daunting task and life-long dream.

16) Attend at least one Miramonte production

17) Cut down the smelly bushes by the tennis court

18) Create a compost bin at school

19) Participate in a full spirit week

20) Go off campus for lunch

21) Get a quote on Gadde’s quote list

22) Pay for a person’s lunch that is behind you in the lunch line

23) Investigate Mr. Gertz’s lab and discover the source of the strange noises

24) Talk with Mr. Clark enough times so he knows you by your first name

25) Swim in the Miramonte pool after hours

26) Go iceblocking on a local golf course

Photo: K. Williams. Seniors Jimmy Miller, Brian Ostrom and Davis Louie rock a new style of no clothes in math class.

27) Sit on the ledge above the gym

28) Pass all your classes and be eligible for graduation

29) Test your Jedi skills against the Jedi Academy

30) Wear your pajamas to school

31) Swim in Lake Cascade

32) Start a new trend (like not wearing clothes to school)

33) Climb Mt. Diablo

34) Eat at least one cafeteria lunch

Photo: K. Williams. Sophomores Annie Odell, Tennyson May, and Nick Bhachu skip fourth period and chill on the quad.

35) Skip a period on a sunny day and bask on the quad

36) Get your name in the Mirador!