Miramonte Teacher Superlatives

B. Woodward

Brooke Woodward

Lathrop: most likely to randomly shout “DICE”!
Selway: most likely to use the “fill in the blank” teaching method
Frippiat: most intimidating vocabulary
Gadde: best selection of music on campus
Bowen: best dancing, wardrobe, and enthusiasm
Dell Aquila: most likely to not be in his office when you need to turn in athletic forms
Henderson: most likely to wink in class
Manning: most distinguishable voice
Fitzgerald: best advice and wisdom
Kosciuch: best and most frequent death glare
Quiter: most likely to create world peace
Koepp: most likely to make sarcastic comments
Graminski: most likely to be wearing aviators
Carlson: most friendly
Kristen Plant: most likely to be pregnant
Mike Plant: best story teller and comedian on campus
Eldridge: most likely to scold you and give you a detention
Hunter: most likely to play a ukulele and be caught at a Grateful Dead concert
Marianne Whitaker: most likely to not give weekend homework
Moore: most likely to win a puzzle race
Long: most likely to be spotted in an Oakwood dance class
George: most likely to have a new hair style/color weekly
Downs: most likely to be mistaken for a student
Egeland: most likely to be your friend on Facebook
Boyko: most likely to teach you life lessons
Collins: most likely to criticize Orinda
Diaz: most likely to be wearing suspenders and glasses
John the Trainer: most likely to be ballin’
Adam Clark: most straight up awesome
Aracic: most likely to categorize her students by

Photo: A. Controulis. Gavin Kermode gives his signature pose in the Crafts doorway before his fourth period class.
colors or animals
Teena Rigal: most likely to doubt the reason why you are signing out/late/absent
Hung: most likely to be seen dancing on Youtube
Denny: most likely to be found over-stimulated by nature
most likely to be seen on an underwear billboard in Times Square
Heard: most likely to be seen at Tribeca Film Festival
Wetherall: most likely to scold you for not following computer rules i.e. eating food near the computers
Gertz: most likely to be found in his secret office next to the Mirador room
Wong: most likely to give sarcastic comebacks in class
Wade: most likely to surpass his students’ participation points in P.E.
Shortenhaus: most likely to bench 400 pounds and crack “punny” jokes in class
McCauley: most likely to bring her dog to school
Mike Whitaker: Most likely to know how you did in a sporting event
Peterson: most spirited teacher
Slosser: most likely to be seen on the big screen
Ravi: best teacher to talk to if you want to discuss tyrannical leaders from Soviet Russia or get sent to the office