Meet Mirador’s New Editors

Brian Friel

Softball Position: First Base
Previous Years on Staff: 1
Journalistic Specialty: Aleck Ryner’s articles
Favorite Mirador Pastime: Teasing Brooke Woodward
Claim to Fame: Nothing
Favorite Birthday Fairy Treat:  Disney Princess Birthday Cake
Quiter’s Take: “Brian is the nicest guy around, and I can’t wait to ski next season at Alpine with the Friel fam.”

Hannah Tennant

Softball Position: Left Bench
Previous Years on Staff: 2
Journalistic Specialty: Obscure sports
Favorite Mirador Pastime: Yahoo! Answers (chiquitabananaphatflo)
Claim to Fame: Messiest eater
Best Quote: “Wait, Amsterdam is in New Zealand, right?”
Favorite Birthday Fairy Treat: Pink frosted Safeway cookies
Quiter’s Take: “Hannah Tennant…she’s crazy, but I love her!”