Pull a Perfect Prank

Evelyn Alper

The senior prank is a time honored tradition and an opportunity impossible to pass up. It’s hard to find the right prank that leaves your mark yet doesn’t harm school property. This is why Mirador has compiled a list of possible senior pranks for your convenience. Any variations of these pranks are also encouraged.

Poppy Planting
: The California Poppy—picturesque, yet illegal to pick. Take advantage of this state law and plant your graduation year on the quad in poppies. No one will be allowed to pick them and you can add some beauty to the school, while making your mark at the same time.

Stake Out
: At a predetermined time, all seniors leave their classes and meet on the quad where they will have already pitched their tents. For the rest of the day, seniors lounge around in sleeping bags while eating trail mix. Campfire songs optional (but encouraged).

Chicken Hunt
: Originally, this prank is executed with pigs; however, since pigs are a scarcity in Orinda, chickens are an acceptable replacement. Label the chickens with numbers 1,3,4, and 5. Let the chickens loose around the school and enjoy while administrators search for chicken #2.

Ringing Everywhere: In as many classrooms as possible, lift the ceiling tiles and place a cell phone inside. Make a list of all the cell phone numbers to give to all seniors. Then dial away throughout the day and enjoy funky ring tones during class. Optional: Set the ring tones as a personalized voice recording (be creative).

Blockade :Create a blockade to the entrance of the junior and senior parking lots. This should be done in the cover of darkness the night before by building a brick wall, stacking sandbags, or parking cars. Then post an official looking sign on the blockades claiming students get the day off due to this (brilliant) senior prank. Either go back to bed or hit up Village Inn.