Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

When that last bell rings on June 11, students happily anticipate, “No more pencils. No more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks.” For ten beautiful weeks, students are free to go crazy. With summer vacation quickly approaching, students rush to find interesting activities to fill their days. Mirador has searched for the most entertaining, exciting, and money-conscious escapades to make this the best summer yet.

1. Go to the swimming hole (it’s illegal—even better)
2. Zen it up in yoga; maybe you’ll see Mrs. Quiter!
3. Nature hike–complete with a leopard skin loin cloth and trail mix
4. Take mirror pix
5. Change your status every 5 minutes to reflect what you’re really doing
6. Lemonade stand–the cuter you look, the more you can charge
7. Be like Britney in “Crossroads” and take a road trip

8. Join a banjo club with your homies
9. Late night iceblocking
10. Create a new identity (or steal one)
11. Go to the beach; take note of the contrast between the cold water and the warm sand
12. Have a bonfire and roast some ‘mallos
13. Take pointers from my girl Snooks and get your tan on
14. Go camping in the wilderness with the deer and the chipmunks
15. Make a really cool fort in your backyard, then live off the land
16. Climb the tallest tree you can find
17. Make and bake a pie
18. Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how
19. Channel Thoreau and write beautiful poetry
20. Get to know the local lifeguards
21. Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins and then create your own
22. Have a picnic at the top of a mountain
23. Hang out with Michael Roe (360-4333)
24. Train for an Iron Man
25. Drive aimlessly for hours, then attempt to find your way home without using Mapquest
26. Take a bath in Jello, hello?!?!
27. Learn how to drive stick shift
28. Have a scavenger hunt on Telegraph
29. Ride the county connection—catch: you have to stand up without holding onto the bars
30. Fill balloons with paint, pin them to a canvas, and pop the balloons with darts to create beautiful art (À la “The Princess Diaries”)
31. Burn school notes (see #12)
32. Eat an entire batch of cookie dough
33. Get a henna tattoo that covers your entire body/buy a kit and learn how to do it yourself
34. Choose a stranger to stalk on Facebook and follow their life
35. Hang out with Sparkle
36. Find out who your ancestors are…see if there’s anyone famous
37. Go rock climbing with Mrs. Quiter
38. Go to a concert
39. Play in the park

40. Slap on the SPF
41. Catch up on all the movies you missed during the school year
42. Discover your inner badass
43. Paint/redecorate your room
44. Make bank by babysitting
45. Go to Nations; Flirt with Alfredo and bitch out Connie
46. Go to Cheeseboard in Berkeley and eat your pizza on the center divide
47. Raft down the sewer by Wagner Ranch
48. Go to a U-Pick and collect a large bucket of fresh fruit (we recommend pluots)
49. Hang out at the Tilden steam trains
50. Attempt to learn the Hung Shuffle
51. Run away with the circus
52. Go sailing with Kirsten Rutledge
53. Jump on walls at Sky High
54. Go Fly fishing
55. Form at least one dread on yo head
56. Wear Top Siders
57. Join in with the Orinda Theater protesters