Miramonte Style Watch

Madeleine Neuburger

When closely observing the attire of the ladies of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes, it becomes obvious that personal style evolves as a result of the individual’s comfort in their surroundings. For the most part, the female students at Miramonte High School dress less and less uniformly as they becomes more comfortable with their peers and environment. Among those who don’t find any point in dressing well, the clothing motivations become more similar, no matter the grade. However it seems to hold true that the more stylish an outfit is, the more self-confident their wearer is.

Naturally, the freshmen females are least likely to wear clothing that is very fashion-forward. Though speaking generally, because they have only recently made the switch to Miramonte, and are as a result majorly surrounded by unfamiliar faces, they are less likely to think outside of the box when it comes to their attire. For many, this is the result of their fear of standing out and their desire to be accepted. Or, it may just be their overall laziness or lack of interest when it comes to dressing well.

“If you wear a really fashionable outfit to school, you stand out,” said freshman, Micah Zimmerman, who was wearing jeans, a college sweatshirt, and Rainbow flip-flops that day.

Attire like that of Zimmerman’s dominates the majority of the freshmen females’ every day wear. This issue of laziness influencing outfits transfers to the sophomore class as well.

In response being asked what influences the majority of her outfits at school, sophomore, Ariana Dulberg, said, “I just throw on whatever is on the floor, depending on what the weather is supposed to be like.”Much of the sophomore class “just throws on” curve accentuating garments from Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.

When questioned about why she thinks most people don’t generally dress in more than jeans and a sweatshirt, or shorts and a sweatshirt or t-shirt, sophomore, Raphaella Carvalho, said, “School is not the place to be too fashionable, I feel like people would gossip about you and say you’re overdressed.”

Contrary to Carvalho’s concern that being noticed in a blatantly fashion forward outfit would result in a negative reputation, junior, Claire Nelson, said “I don’t care how fashionably noticeable my outfits are, as long as its fashion forward and looks good on me.”

Freshman girls, such as Jessie Osterman, Maddie Miller, Genevieve Urphym Lauren Branaugh, Brenna Lowery, and Maggie Clifford sport clothing primarily from stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister Co.

This perspective holds true among many juniors, whose comfort in their surroundings and with their classmates has arguably grown to a point where they can express themselves through their wardrobe. Weather would never discourage a junior from wearing fashion-forward outfits.

Junior, Emma Trevarthan, said, “I don’t care if it’s raining and freezing cold out! No matter what, I am going to dress well.”

Brands such as Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie are seen often among many juniors and seniors. If one were to scan over the senior lawn at lunch on a sunny day, they would see less outfits made up of t-shirts and jeans than clearly thought-out outfits. A group of seniors, consisting of Kelly Teshima-McCormick, Natalie Reed, Zoe Michaelson, and Kelsey DiMartino all agreed that clothing is an expression of “who you are.”

To give credit to the female members of the freshman class who may be afraid of standing out in a fashionable outfit, senior, Zoe Michelson said, “As a freshman I would have definitely been too intimated to wear some of the things my friends and I wear now. I wouldn’t have wanted to be noticed by upperclassmen.”

At the moment, and possibly to their own relief, the underclassmen do not stand out in terms of developed individual style beyond the simplistic trends of Abercrombie and Fitch, Uggs, Rainbows and all too many college and swim team sweatshirts. Yet as today’s senior class has become comfortable enough to push the boundaries of the simplistic styles they once had as freshmen, today’s freshman ladies will fall into the same cycle of gaining the confidence and motivation to develop distinct style.