Silly Bandz’ Mysterious Appeal

Rachael Oczkus

This summer’s most popular accessories, Silly Bandz, are sweeping the nation.  From elementary to high school students, wearing, trading, and giving away these silicone bracelets sparks competition for the most psychedelic arm.

From a trendy office supply rubber band to a fashionable collector’s item, Robert Croak’s invention is changing quickly. Originally, Croak, the man behind the magic, modified Chinese rubber bands to create a fun and trendy look for office rubber bands in the States. Silly Bandz were not thought up by some random five-year-old: Disappointing, I know.

At Miramonte, students return from vacation sporting their new collectables, eager to trade with classmates. Along with the importance of a Silly Band to one’s outfit, the sole purpose of owning them is for trade, competing against the masses for the biggest variety and the coolest shapes.

Silly Bandz trades are very risky but always rewarding. You need specific band value knowledge while trading.

  1. Avoid rocks, suns, o’s, frontal views of butterfly wings, surfboards, or any other questionable shapes. The point of a trade is to sucker one of your friends into giving you a sick band. Do not settle for one that proposes the question of, “What is this supposed to be?”
  2. Tie-dye, two-tone, and glow-in-the-dark are worth more than just the normal dinosaur foot or dragonfly. Acceptable trades of two or more must be offered to gain a single band of select styles.
  3. The new Justin Bieber Silly Bandz are a hot commodity. If you find somebody willing to give up their I<3JB (I love Justin Bieber), it may even be worth ALL or at least most of an animal collection.
  4. White Silly Bandz are pointless. With the exception of a dog bone, none of the other whites are worth anything. Offering a white band in a trade is cheap. Don’t be cheap.
  5. Once it’s broken, it’s gone. According to YouTube myths and legends, it is possible to light one of the broken ends on fire, melting it a bit and allowing for a quick and easy repair. Do not try this at home! It doesn’t work. Make sure to check your traded band for weak spots. If you don’t, you may be subject to a disappointing loss.
  6. With the explosion of Silly Bandz, imitations of the brand have erupted. The original Silly Bandz are far more durable than the secondary Silly Bands, Fun Bands, and Zany Bands. DO NOT trade only one Silly Band for a fake brand. The difference is not only durability, but variety of shapes. Despite the craziness of the other brands, Silly Bandz come in the more classic shapes.
  7. Silly Band rings are the newest of the Silly Band technologies. In all honesty, these rings are not worth buying, let alone trading. Not only do they look dumb on your hand, but they cut off your circulation. Definitely not worth your money or your other Silly Bandz.