What Does Your Backpack Say About You?

Brightly colored backpack: Your backpack represents your flamboyant personality and draws everyone’s eyes towards you. If Miramonte ever became a deserted island, you could wave your backpack in the air and flag down the rescue choppers.

Backpack with a lot of key chains or buttons: Thank you for posting your sense of humor on your backpack so fellow hall walkers can be entertained by your backpack baubles. Our favorite button saying: “Don’t take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyways.”

“Down low” backpack: These are the kids who are still living in the middle school fad of “the lower my backpack, the cooler I am.” You think you’re bringing your swagger to the hallways, but you’ll lose your street cred when you lose your balance and fall backwards on your way to class.

Unzipped backpack: This is like saying, “Hey everyone, I don’t care if my homework falls out of my backpack, I probably didn’t even do it anyways. Zipping my backpack is just too much effort.”

Rolly backpack: Despite the rolly backpack’s bad rep, we admire your courage for going against the crowd and trading in fashion for function. Plus, you know everyone else is secretly jealous when their backs begin to ache and you’re still effortlessly rolling down the hallways.

Shoulder bag: Oh yes, you are definitely too cool for school when you reject the backpack all together and go for a more sophisticated look. But let’s face it, only a select few can pull it off.