Loose Talk: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Hannah Tennant

Mr. Fitz: “Women like men who are bold, affluent and mature.”
Robby Tong (to surrounding ladies): Would you say I’m bold?

“Losers like us rule the world.” -Mr. Davis

“It would be kinda fun to be a sperm.” -Jacqueline Garell

“Dude, come here, I have warm hands and I need to share them with you.” -Max Wolffe

Conor Volpe: “They have hairdressing schools you know.”
Anthony Sullen: “You have to be 18 and have a high school diploma. I ain’t gonna wait four years to cut a hair!”

After spending far too long on the field during the earthquake drill: “I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, and I’m gonna pee out turf.” -Haley Rowland

“Why won’t anybody smell my pants?”-Corbett Wong

“It’s not a mouth, it’s not an anus, it’s a mouth-anus.” -Mr. Gadde

“Where’s the Best Dressed section on the Senior Mosts page? It’s like, my time at Miramonte was a complete waste.” -Kazz Tamura

“If you put me in a room full of strawberries, I would never leave. It’s like a weird fetish.” -Brian Friel