LOL! Parents Join the Texting Revolution

Mollie Swan

Although they initially resisted, parents are being forced to adjust to today’s advanced ways of communication, most specifically texting. Many parents were against texting, but have grown to love it- maybe even a little too much. “I used to think texting was unnecessary and kids did way too much of it, but now I find it highly useful for communicating with my kids quickly and sharing information with people,” said parent Sam Swan.

However, older generations tend to struggle to find the balance between the use of complex vocabulary and confusing abbreviations, making communication through texting somewhat challenging. “It’s convenient that my mom texts now, because asking or telling her something through a text is much faster than a phone call; but sometimes I have no idea what she is trying to say,” said Ally Braue ’12.

Unnecessary messages and delayed responses can be frustrating, but it is all worth the entertainment we get from the occasional humorous text. Below are some entertaining texts Miramonte parents have sent.

Cheryl Ryner: LOL means lots of love right?

My mom really likes to use smiley’s and abbreviations. She doesn’t understand the
abbreviations though, which is a problem.
–Senior Aleck Ryner

Wayne Rechnitz: LIMH
Trevor Rechnitz: What?
Wayne Rechnitz: Laugh in my head. Not funny enough for LOL.

–Junior Trevor Rechnitz

Drew McDonald: Heard the doc said u were a wuss- no mono. Tuffen up butter cup <3
My dad always thinks his texts are really clever and funny…
–Junior Devon McDonald

Jennifer Royal (from her bedroom): Make something for breakfast other than a nutella sandwich for once
She had a point, but I didn’t quite understand why she didn’t just come in the kitchen and tell me.
–Junior Audrey Breitwieser

Isabelle Shapiro: Just won a fish!
Lindy Small: Does that mean sushi for dinner??

At least I could understand this text, because half of the time I have no idea what she is trying to say.

Kelly Gill (during his daughter’s basketball game): Is the scoreboard right?
I was a little confused why my dad texted me while I was literally on the court…
–Carly Gill

Denise Siri: Dropped all your “crap” off sweetheart!
She texts me a lot of random pictures that she thinks are really funny, and most of the time they are. My mom also texts some of my close friends funny things. I think anyone who knows Denise understands…
–Senior Jane Siri

Christy Higgins: Guess what kind of rental car I got? The rapping hamster car that I hate!!!!
Kind of a let down for mid-class 3rd period text, but worth the kindly reprimand from Mrs.Whittaker.
–Junior Maddie Higgins