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Remember when Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter didn’t exist and there was only good ol’ AOL Instant Messaging? Remember when you would run home after school to hear the sweet sound of a door creaking as you signed online? Remember when you looked forward to changing your buddy icons, asking the AIM robots inappropriate questions, creating multiple accounts and logging in simultaneously, setting alarms to alert you when your crush signed on, joining huge group chats, and messaging yourself just for the heck of it? Mirador is here to help you remember. Miramonte students’ former screen names cover everything from sports, animals, to just plain weird. From Ladiesman5552 to Munkybutt921, Mirador won’t let you live down your elementary and middle school selves.

BigPap444 – Joey Fabian
Camron is rich – JJ Osterman
Freetheslaves92 – Chris Worthington
Midgetmafia50092, ChillinChilean – Sam Parrague
Doesalexcare – Alex McGourty
Pinkjeans2710, Ladiesman5552, Gotcashgotgurlz – Peter James
PrplCow9 – Mackenzie Martin
Munkybutt921 – Lauren Henderson
Cheesymoo22 – Liza Katz
Bublegumgrl23 – Emily Condon
evildonut321 – Luke Sanchez
kungfupancake9 – Erik Thompson
ShootinLuke23 – Luke Singsank
Blackindiankid – Daniel Martis
Irishmexican – Rory Fearon
00chunk – Chad Zakskorn
Chubbsman01 – Phillip Chang
Maddietheartist – Maddie Fischer
SirOinksAlot17 – Babak Attar
Catwoman71, Meowers71, MALIBUbarbie9171, Allykittypurr – Ally Braue

Mirador’s Best

Letzgomo – Mollie Swan
Uniboy511 – Trevor Rechnitz
Kokopelli114 (it’s the goddess of ovulation and birth), SafireQueen14 – Marina Allen
luvpeacewoodstock – Zakk Bluford
vicioushippo28 – Hannah Tennant
lifeisgooddmv – Dani Vignos
updawazoo – Brian Friel
Littlemisspiglet300 – Evelyn Alper
Speedyskier222 – Kelsey Williams
Picklegirl81 – Jamie Riley
Lil’iverson181 – Michael Roe
iluvseventhgraders76 – Georgia Briskey
littleangeltweetybird – Katrina Kovalik
luvbug4evr1992 – Lauren Stewart
madfatty31 – Conor Volpe