How Can You Detect Immaturity?


4. Temporary tattoos make you feel tough

When was the last time you said, “Mommy” or “Daddy” and took a running start to leap onto your bed? If the answer is yesterday, then this might be an indication that you are not ready to grow up. Below are symptoms of the “Peter Pan” syndrome that will clue you in to the strength of your inner-child. Don’t be embarrassed if you answer yes to a few of the items below. However, it’s completely understandable to feel a twinge of embarrassment if you get 100%. But once you’re over that, own your inner child, and know this: maturity is overrated.

  1. When you go to the doctor’s office to get a shot and still want a sticker
  2. When you go to a restaurant and the first thing you ask for is crayons
  3. When you insist that the crust be cut off your sandwiches
  4. Temporary tattoos make you feel tough
  5. When you get notes in or on your lunch bags
  6. When you play with your snack food (ex: Fruit Roll-Up retainers, Pringle duck bills)
  7. When your childhood stuffed animals can’t quite leave your bed
  8. Your mom still arranges your play dates
  9. You look for evidence of mystical creatures in your backyard or in your surroundings
  10. You tune into Disney Channel and Nickelodeon
  11. You prefer flavored, liquid medicine to pills
  12. You dream of growing up to become any of the following: rock star, wizard, firefighter, veterinarian, dog, princess, astronaut, unicorn
  13. Your head gear, braces or retainer are status symbols that look super cool
  14. Your vitamins are shaped gummies
  15. You still have your Beanie Babies, Legos, or Barbies somewhere in your room (your closet counts)
  16. You think all vegetables are evil
  17. Girls: Your clothes are extensively bedazzled and glittery. Boys: Your shoes light up