MHS Urban Dictionary


Deuces (noun) – Bye; peace; coined by Senior Rob Robinson at MHS

If you can remember all the way back to the AIM conversations of middle school, then you probably recall some of the beginnings of then-hip acronyms and phrases like POS (parent over shoulder) and chillin’. We’ve since moved on to expand and enhance our vocabulary and everyday expressions of happiness, frustration, and everything in between. Take a look at the latest jargon and emoticons used at Miramonte and in the media to stay up-to-date.

  1. Gah (phrase) – The new “ugh.” Complaining, not grunting
    i.e. Gah! Somebody stole my banana.
  2. Meh – Average; so-so
    i.e. White socks are meh.
  3. “… showed up in my newsfeed” (phrase) – Please, we all know you’re a stalker
  4. “I’m not trying to do that right now” (phrase) – No thanks; Coined by Jake Ellis
  5. Productive procrastination (noun) – A new hobby
  6. G6 (noun) – Slang for Gulfstream 650, a jet plane
    i.e. “Feeling so fly like a G6” – Far East Movement
  7. Eargasm (noun) – The sensation of listening to an intensely climactic song
    i.e. That symphony was so good, such an eargasm.
  8. [Verb] + fat (suffix) – Used in order to over exaggerate a current situation.
    i.e. I’m chillin fat right now
  9. Finna (verb) – “Trying to,” “Tryna” popularized by Anthony Piganelli and Kazz Tamura.
    i.e. You Finna Ball?
  10. Poopytime (noun) – When something doesn’t go your way; also literal
    i.e. A: “Dude, I lost my dog.”
    B: “That’s serious poopytime.”
  11. [Noun] + oram (suffix) – Add “oram” as a suffix to any noun to emphasize its cool factor (especially used for names)
    i.e. Chilloram, Rockoram, Kelsoram, Pepperann
  12. Flauss, Tauss, Bauss and other -oss ending words (spelled flau$$, tau$$ (suffix or prefix) – essentially used when you’re set in life.
    i.e. I got an A on my test, I’m bau$$in right now.
  13. Jabrone (noun) – a friendly idiot.
    i.e. Why did you put the ice cream in the fridge, you Jabrone!
  14. Yaeyuhh (phrase) – the new YAY!
    i.e. I’m getting crunk tonight, Yaeyuhh!
  15. Late (verb) –  You just got owned
  16. Butthurt (adj.) – dissapointed
    i.e. I’m butthurt that I can’t go on that field trip.
  17. Dank (adjective) – Synonmous with really good
    i.e. “Helen Keller was deaf and blind and she wrote some dank books,” said Junior Jack Ryner.
  18. N00b (noun) – Originally an abbreviation for newbie or a novice game player, now n00b refers to anyone who exhibits inexperienced qualities in any field
  19. “It’s like…”(phrase) – Precedes a “funny” joke or hypothetical situation. Coined by Seniors Nigel Tague and J.J. Osterman
  20. Nawhh (adverb) – No
    i.e. A: “Do you want to hang out tonight?”
    B: “Nawhh.”