Chris Brown Keeps Fans Awake at Sleep Train

Devin Mottier and Maya Sherne, Staff Writers

After the recent release of his new album, F.A.M.E., Chris Brown graced the stage at the Sleep Train Pavillion in Concord on Saturday Oct. 22nd. Alongside Brown were fellow R&B artists Tyga, Bow Wow and T-Pain.

Leading off the show were the two YMCMB rappers Tyga and Bow Wow. Tyga pumped up thousands of attendees with various chants and one of his most popular songs, “Far Away.”

However, once Bow Wow hopped on stage, the entire dynamic of the audience changed. The seasoned rap-veteran took the crowd on a blast from the past with songs like “Outta My System” and “Let Me Hold You”. Fans simultaneously hit every note Bow Wow did and danced to the beat. At the peak of his performance, Bay Area native rappers Lil B and E40 were added into the mix. The crowds screamed for more and Bow Wow promised he’d give it to them in his new album “Underrated.”

T-Pain had a tough act to follow but continued the craziness by singing just about every song he has ever had on his albums or been featured in. Favorites included “Buy You a Drank” and “Bartender” as well as “Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack” which was paired with some bass that rocked fans out of their seats. Pain charmed the crowd with slightly sentimental stories, raunchy jokes, dancing and his amazing autotune-free voice.

Anticipation grew as fans marveled over the enormous neon structures. A photo montage began running on the big screens and finally the much loved headliner, Chris Brown, clad in all camouflage, appeared. The entire stadium exploded with excitement and shrieks of joy. Brown led fans through a timeline of his music with hits like “I Can Transform Ya” and “Wall to Wall.” The hits were paired with various acrobatic dancers, lights and a background band. Brown then left the stage to his DJ as he readied himself to slow the mood down. Songs like “Body to Body” and “No Bullshit” left fans in love. One lucky fan even got the chance lie on an onstage bed during “Wet the Bed” and be serenaded. Brown instantly turned the ambiance around by blasting dance favorites like “She Aint You”, “Deuces” with Tyga, and “Forever”. The evening came to a close Brown performed his hit-single “Yeah x3” in an all neon outfit before leaving fans with “Beautiful People”.

Brown obviously disregarded the negative hype received in 2008 and played the entire night as a confident rap beast.