Arrested Development Returns From the Dead

“I don’t know why you guys aren’t taking this ‘I’m out of here’ seriously. Because I am out of here. Seriously.”

Kelsi Lerner, Staff Writer

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Arrested Development.

October 2011, Wall Street protesters hold up signs to “close corporate tax loopholes,” “tax religious groups,” “end the wars,” “legalize weed,” and…“bring back Arrested Development?”

While these Wall Street protesters may not get any of the aforementioned objectives any time soon, the good news is that the cult classic series Arrested Development will return with not only a movie, but also nine-ten new episodes.

According to lead actor Jason Bateman’s (Michael Bluth) twitter, “It’s true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early ‘13. VERY excited!”

Bateman isn’t the only one who is excited. Since the end of the show’s third season in 2006, Batemen and Will Arnett (George Oscar “GOB” Bluth) as well as the rest of the cast have been giving hints and promising a movie to the now cancelled show’s fervent fanbase.

The Arrested Development movie, however, has been taking a while. As for the delay in the production of the movie, creator Michael Hurwitz might not be to blame.

In an interview with the New York Times on Oct. 2, 2011, Hurwitz stated that they don’t completely own the property, as there are companies’ rights involved that need to be dealt with.

“Just creatively, I have been working on the screenplay for a long time and found that as time went by, there was so much more to the story,” stated Hurwitz in an interview, “In fact, where everyone’s been for five years became a big part of the story. So in working on the screenplay, I found even if I just gave five minutes per character to that back story, we were halfway through the movie before the characters got together.”

Hurwitz also stated his regret in toying with the affections of the fans, “They’ve been so supportive and we’re so grateful, so I kind of hate to answer the question until I can say, ‘Yep, we’ve shot it, it opens next week.’ Otherwise it feels like we’re toying with people and we do not mean to do that. It has just taken a while to get it going.”

Despite his good intentions, Hurwitz is still getting the affection of the fans built up five years after the show’s cancellation in 2006. Since being on air in 2003, Arrested Development has built up quite the fanbase. Critically acclaimed, Arrested Development either won or was nominated for an Emmy every year that it was on air. Furthermore, it has won or been nominated for several other awards like the Screen Actors Guild Award, People’s Choice Award, Golden Globes, Teen Choice Award, and Writers Guild of America Award.

Needless to say, cancelling the show was a huge mistake.

More than that, the new show and movie certainly isn’t for “British eyes only;” many Miramonte students have expressed excitement over the new movie and the promise of some new episodes of the long-off-the-air show.

“I know that the new episodes they are making are to gain hype for the movie, but honestly just the thought of the movie is enough to get me excited,” said senior Nia Crawford.

With any luck the movie will be out by December 2012 as scheduled, and won’t be in a state of arrested development.

Hey, that’s the name of the show.