Entourage Becomes a Feature Film

Josh Dathe, Staff Writer

HBO has produced some dearly loved TV shows which are being turned into movies.  Sex and the City, a popular HBO show, was turned into to movies after six successful seasons.  According to most critics, these movies were borderline terrible. 

Another HBO series, Entourage, is on schedule to be made into a feature film.  Eight seasons through, and executive producer Mark Wahlberg has agreed to allow a movie to come next. 

“We’ve been talking about the movie non-stop,” said Mark Wahlberg, “That’s the goal.”
Many other television shows are considering making movies as well. Arrested Development, Party Down, Veronica Mars, and Friday Night Lights, to name just a few.

Each one of these shows has either been recently canceled or now ended. There has been much debate over whether turning TV shows into movies is a good idea for the television and movie industries.

Although both the Sex and the City movies received negative reviews, they reeled in a large amount of revenue. The first movie brought in over $415 million from the box office, while the sequel gained about $300 million.

With around a combined $200 million budget for both movies, the movies were a financial success.

So the question is: are TV shows being turned into movies just to make money?
The series finale of Entourage left the viewer hanging, perfectly setting up the opportunity to make a movie.

It is obvious that many people will see this film, which will gross a large amount of money.
The business plan for these TV shows turning into movies is blatant. There is no real reason to make a movie, other than to just make more money.

Essentially, making a TV show into a movie is just like producing another season, but releasing it in theaters instead of on television.

Friday Night Lights is the most anticipated upcoming TV show feature film. Whether it will follow along with the same plot or start new, people will just have to wait to see for themselves in theater.

Entourage ended its final season by leaving the viewer hanging on Ari Gold’s future plans. He is offered a job and we can only expect he will have trouble refusing the once in a lifetime opportunity he is given.

The reason many actors and producers want to support this is because there is much more money in the film industry rather than in television.

No actors or actresses have commented on their feelings over making at movie rather than a TV show, but who wouldn’t want more money for doing less work?

So expect many more TV shows to be turned into movies in the near future. Some may be bad, some may be good, but the fact is, if many watch the show, they will also watch the movie.