Teenage Dreams Come True Every Day


Devin Mottier, Staff Writer

Teens screaming, women in ice cream cone bras, and glow sticks flashing. This can only mean one thing: Katy Perry is in town.

Thousands of dedicated enthusiasts poured into the Oracle Arena on Nov. 21 for Perry’s 2011 California Dreams Tour featuring the UK’s own electropop goddess, Ellie Goulding, as well as lesser-known rapper DJ Skeet Skeet.

Even though the hype of Jesse J, who was originally scheduled to play, was brought down, Goulding quickly forced fans to overlook the twinge of dissapointment with a short set of songs off of her album, Lights. UK hits such as “Starry Eyed” and “Lights” were belted throughout the stadium as passionate spectators danced and sang along to the catchy beats.

The pace quickly changed from charming little Goulding onto DJ Skeet Skeet, a much more raunchy and raw artist.

Purple and blue flickered across frantic fans dancing to deep bass, booming beats and crazy mashups.

Although Skeet Skeet didn’t exactly do anything other than press a button to play music, his stage presence made up for the lack-of-an-act performance.

After a successful pump up track list of songs like “Party Rock Anthem”, “We Found Love” and “Somebody That I Used To Know”, Perry’s arrival was announced.

The lights soon dimmed and Perry enthusiasts clad in blue wigs were directed towards towards the large monitor above the stage.

The sold out stadium quickly realized that they were being brought into a California-meets-Candyland dream of Perry’s where a quirky story was to be told throughout the night.

Her performance was kicked off by “Teenage Dream”, one of the five singles released off of the album with the same name. The shrill shrieks of young concert-goers echoed within the stadium continued during “Hummingbird Heartbeat” as well as the slower paced tune, “Pearl”.

As the night continued, songs off of her previous albums like “Hot N Cold” and “Ur So Gay” were sprinkled nicely in between her newer works off of Teenage Dream. Even a bit of Whitney Houston was thrown in as Perry belted her rendition of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and invited eager audience members to dance onstage.

Perry captivated all as she danced across the stage, shared personal anecdotes of Facebook stalking, and even cracked a few suggestive jokes. She even floated across the crowd on a giant cotton candy cloud, tossing guitar picks into the ecstatic audience and singing a beautiful acoustic version of “The One That Got Away”. Curtains were drawn, and fans broke the sound barrier with their anxious screams and “we want Katy” chants.

Once everyone believed the night was over, Perry appeared once again for an encore. Sporting a bright, candy covered dress, the tune of “California Gurls” slowly faded in and confetti shot into every corner of the first floor seats. The audience bounced alongside the giant beach ball and sang along.

The curtain fell for the final time as thank-you’s were being shouted out hundreds of times to over 14000 dedicated devotees. Perry continues to show her fans; young and old alike, that teenage dreams will never die.