No Shave November No Longer For Men Only!

Courtney Attard

No shave November is no longer for boys! Sophomore, Natalie Vigo, lasted over a month without shaving her legs – one of the few female participants at Miramonte.

Most participants of this hairy contest started Nov. 1, but Vigo started a little early. “Shaving is a nuisance so I cheated and started two weeks into October. I gained the satisfaction of not touching a razor. So, I’m basically participating in no shave winter,”said Vigo.

Although Vigo enjoyed avoiding the nuisance of shaving, she faced a few struggles. Her leg hairs make her cold because they billow in the breeze and sway in the water. Additionally, Vigo misses the luxury of stroking her smooth legs. She became self-conscious about her legs, and they were uncomfortable because they rub against
her jeans.

Many of Vigo’s friends admired her. “I think that a girl not shaving shows self confidence. Whenever her friends talk about Natalie’s leg hair, they seem to envy her confidence with her body,” said Matt Moran, sophomore.

But, some of Vigo’s other friends were not as supportive. “Natalie’s leg hair is a forest. I don’t think girls should participate in No Shave November. They should shave every day, and if they don’t its gross,” says Patrick Swan, sophomore.

“Looking back, I think everyone should participate in No Shave November. After all, it only comes once a year and it’s a learning experience,” said Vigo. “We should all be familiar with our bodies in all situations, now I have an extra insight that most girls don’t have – I know just how hairy my legs can get!”