2012 Promises New Albums and Failures

The cover of The Shin's upcoming album, due out in March.

The cover of The Shin’s upcoming album, due out in March.

Julia Hass and Katie Hoskins

Lana Del Rey- Born to Die- Jan. 2012
You either love her or you hate her, but the “Video Games” singer does have an intriguing voice. She can either emulate the soul of Adele’s voice, as seen in “Born to Die” or the whine of a baby in “Kinda Outta Luck.” Her recently released album gained her the spotlight on Saturday Night Live with Daniel Radcliffe but failed to gain her any fans.

Paris Hilton House Music- Summer 2012
The saying if you fail once try, try again doesn’t apply to you, Paris. Just stop now.

The Shins- Port of Morrow-Mar. 20, 2012
The favorite indie band is back! With a new album set to come out in March, they released their first single from the new album, “Simple Song,” giving fans a teaser of what’s to come. “It’s their first new music in five years, so it’s great that they’re getting back out there,” said senior Julia Withers.

Justin Bieber- Believe Dubstep Album? TBA
Even though he grabbed the hearts of millions with hit singles such as “Baby” and “Somebody to Love,” and rose to the top of the charts with his recent Christmas album, we believe this new attempt at dubstep will ultimately offend all serious dubsteppers. We’ll add his name to the list of artists that are attempting genres that are not their forte. (That includes you, Paris Hilton.)

No Doubt- TBA
The recently reunited band’s upcoming album is exciting for those of us who remember such hits as “Just a Girl,” “Hey Baby,” and “It’s My Life.” Though the times have changed since then, we hope that Gwen’s fashion sense has remained mostly the same. We miss those cropped tops and cargo pants.

Fun. – Some Nights Some Nights
Lead singer Nate Ruess, formerly of the Format, brought the indie alternative band’s hit song “We Are Young” to life. With its catchy lyrics and empowering chorus, its no wonder the New Directions on Glee attempted to cover it, falling far short of the original single.

The Beach Boys- Reunion Album TBA
Old age has not fazed this timeless band. The group has confirmed they will be reuniting for a 50th anniversary album and a world tour in 2012, the first time the band has toured together in 45 years. They’ll also be
releasing a “greatest hits” compilation, due out in 2012 as well.

Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded-Feb. 14, 2012
For those of you not familiar with Nicki Minaj’s multiple personalities, Roman, one of her alternate identities, is a gay boy with a lot of anger who can verbalize things Nicki can’t say herself. For a taste of Roman listen to “Roman’s Revenge”. Minaj rose to the top of the charts with her hit “Super Bass” and her performance in Times Square on New Years Eve.