Daniel Radcliffe Not-So-Magical in Latest Flick

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

The Woman in Black is Daniel Radcliffe’s attempt to create a new name for himself outside of the Harry Potter movies. Still, his pale, ghostly face bares an eternal look of fear and abnormally furrowed eyebrows. The film’s plot has great potential to leave the audience screaming, however, the movie wasn’t nearly as good as expected.

The main issue was redundance. While things popping out is great for a quick scare, it’s just that—a short lived one. The movie overused children’s toys and songs as the most frightening aspect until it almost becomes annoying.

On top of that, Radcliffe’s acting was a bit surprising. Every time he got a frightened look on his face it looked as if he had just seen Dumbledore die or even as if he had simply misplaced his trusty wand. Radcliffe needed to focus a bit more on playing this role, because it seemed a bit forced and awkward.

The movie is definitely too hyped-up. Previews say it is possibly the “scariest movie of the year.” Well, our favorite wizard failed to whip out his wand and save the day.

Admittedly this movie did have a few “jumping” moments and I did find myself curled up in a ball using my hands for shields. The suspense creates an atmosphere that leads up to what should be a terrifying ending. However you are left with a cheesy and somewhat disappointing last few minutes. Only a “two-scream” film.