Miramonte’s Musical Premieres Tonight


Rachael Oczkus, Entertainment Editor

Come one, come all to see Miramonte’s production of Once Upon a Mattress opening tonight at 7:30pm! You won’t be able to contain your laughter while watching this parody of the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea.

Nobody in the kingdom can marry until Prince Dauntless, played by Michael Severson, weds. When Princess Winnifred, played by Amrita Newton, and all of her weirdness enters the picture, the people of the kingdom are desperate for her to marry the Prince. They all hope that she can pass the Queen’s seemingly impossible test that has already ruled out 12 eligible princess.

So can Princess Winnifred pass the test? Come see the musical to find out…and see Miramonte men in tights.

Show Schedule:

March 15 (Opening Night) 7:30pm

March 16 7:30 pm

March 17/ 18 4:00 pm

March 22 7:30pm

March 23 (Closing Night) 7:30pm