Spring Musical an Amusing Success

Rachael Oczkus, Entertainment Editor

This weekend, the spring musical Once Upon a Mattress premiered at Miramonte. After months of rehearsal, the cast was “excited to finally perform the show in front of an audience!” said Cecily Schmidt, who plays Queen Aggravain, arguably the most hated character in the production.

The main character, a princess named Winnifred who insists on being called Fred, is played by Amrita Newton, who portrays the quirky and awkward princess excellently. When Sir Harry (Nick Chaconas) brings Winnifred to the castle to see if she can pass the Queen’s test and marry Prince Dauntless the Drab (Michael Severson), the whole kingdom falls in love with her uniqueness, but doubts her ability to pass the Queen’s difficult test of sensitivity. In the end, the whole kingdom joins together to aid Winnifred. The plot is loosely based upon the Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale “The Princess and the Pea.”

The flawless choreography created by Reagan Griffith and wonderfully executed by the cast showed off each performer’s ability to act, sing, and dance.

The “Spanish Panic” highlighted these skills. This wacky dance, in which the cast hopped and spun in unison, was an audience favorite on Saturday. At the end of the exhausting number, the audience roared with excitement at the characters’ dancing skills.

The fun rolls on with the comedic remarks that are constantly thrown out. Some of the songs add to the fun mood with lyrics like “Hey nonny, nonny, needle and thimble” and “I am in love with a girl named Fred.”

Each character had his or her own story that worked alongside the main plot. In the final scenes, these intricately woven parallels came together for the main purpose of the story, to find the Prince a wife so that the rest of the kingdom’s people could also wed!

Overall, the musical was wonderfully done and quite entertaining! The cast worked well together and the comedic aspect of the script kept the people wanting more.

Don’t miss it! There are 3 more performances:

March 18 at 4:00pm

March 22 and 23 at 7:30pm