Can We Get a Round of Applause?


Fans went crazy over Drake Monday night at the Sleep Train Pavilion

Helen Britto and Natalie Wapniarski, Staff Writers

Well on his way to becoming one of rap music’s biggest names, Drake disappointed no one during his May 7 performance at the Concord Sleep Train Pavilion.

“His energy was amazing and he looked so hot up there,” said San Jose native Natalia Theron. And while both statements are true, it was his high energy that really captivated fans.

Concord was the first stop on Drake’s Club Paradise Summer Tour and he certainly kicked it off the right way. Coming with the objective of turning the pavilion into “one of the hottest clubs in the bay,” for a night, Drake did just that.

He captivated fans with opening song “Lord Knows” and excitement only grew from there. The only time screams couldn’t be heard was at the start of Drake’s emotionally raw chart-topping single “Marvin’s Room”. A brief second of hushed silence occurred before the crowd erupted into ecstatic cheers.

Ensuring the excitement never died, Drake continuously brought surprise guests onstage like The Weekend and Waka Flaka Flame, both of who were eagerly received by the crowd.

When the crowd thought the concert couldn’t get any better Drake had one last great surprise in store. Lil Wayne, Drake’s good friend and part-time collaborator, skateboarded out onto the stage, causing the crowd to go absolutely wild.

“When Lil Wayne came onstage, I thought I was going to die. Drake and Lil Wayne, can it get much better than that?” said Theron.

And for many fans it truly didn’t seem like it could. Drake’s humble attitude shone through when he let fellow rappers take center stage continuously praising them on their amazing talents; and while his duet with Lil Wayne was definitely one of the highlights, there wasn’t one best moment. Drake kept fans in constant anticipation pleasing them with a variety of hits such as “Headlines” and “The Motto”.

It was evident that Drake recognized the importance of proving you really only live once. He put everything he had into his performance, and fans certainly took notice. Whether you had a lawn seat, or a spot in the pit, everyone left the pavilion feeling completely satisfied. We know we’ll be the first in line to buy tickets for his next concert; and until then, we can only say “Take Care.”