British Band One Direction Heads in the Right Direction

British Band One Direction Heads in the Right Direction

Georgia Briskey

Attention all Directioners! Yes, the British boy-band One Direction has taken America by storm and has become the obsession of many girls today. How did they become famous so fast? What is it about these boys that demands our thoughts to revolve around them 24/7? Mirador digs deeper into One Direction’s fame to discover the true reasons behind their hype.

1. Their Looks

Without a doubt, this is the biggest contributing factor to One Direction’s fame. Some say people only like One Direction because the band members are hot; well they’re right! The five members of One Direction have been blessed with beaming eyes, perfect hair, and utterly perfect bodies (there are a few shirtless pictures on the Internet). Females are suckers for cute boys with talent, therefore One Direction captures the hearts of girls of all ages.

2. There’s Five of Them

Unlike Justin Bieber who has to deal with the pains of fame by himself, One Direction has five members – Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson – to face the world together.

Not only are these teenage boys perfect together, but they are all completely different. This gives girls the option to love them all, or choose a favorite! (For the record, my favorite is Louis Tomlinson.)

3. Their Differences

Let’s get specific here. Harry Styles sings the most in the band, and debatably captivates the most love from the female population. With his curly brown hair, perfect smile, and green-blue eyes; what’s not to love?

The next head honcho of the group is Liam Payne, who has the strongest voice. Gifted with glossy brown hair, brown eyes, and a birthmark in the middle of his neck, all you want to do is lick his face while having him sing sweet melodies to you. (Unfortunately he has a girlfriend).

Next is Zayn Malik, whose caramel skin and dark chocolate hair look so delicious, you almost forget he has the most beautiful hazel eyes in all the land. Although sometimes shy, Zayn hits the high notes and harmonizes to an amazing ability in songs like “Gotta Be You” and “One Thing.”

Louis Tomlinson could be tagged as the most adorable member of the group because of his baby face. His baby blue eyes, button nose and little smile make him the most eligible candidate for “Best Cuddler.”

In addition, he is the funniest member of the group with his spontaneous bursts of energy and quirky humor. He doesn’t have many solos on the album “Up All Night,” but he deserves to have more.

Niall Horan is particularly different from the rest of the boys because he was born in Ireland. Besides his shiny platinum hair and humor that shines brighter than his smile, his Irish accent keeps you beaming throughout the whole interview you’re watching.

4. Their accents

Listening to one interview will melt your heart. Enough said.