Haikus: A Look Into Japanese Literature

We swim in the pool

Sometimes it’s very cool

So it’s a duel

-Zach Paxton


Sailing on boats yay

It’s my favorite every day

#sailorforlyfe yo

-Caroline Colwell


O look a big tree

It is falling down on me

O no my poor knee!

-Katie Latimer


Why are we at school?

Sunny weather is so cool

Is it summer yet?

-Eddie Epperson


I am a princess

Everybody loves me tons

Thank god I’m hawt

-Laura Rosas


It’s senior skip day

Everyone else: at the beach

I am still at school

-Kelly Noah


The big cow says moo

Something went “goosh” under me

I’ve stepped in it’s poo

-Miles Honens


Me oh my, says I

I’m so very scared of flies

I pray not to die!

-Taylor Nielson


Some things that are chill:

Koala bears, neutron stars

Everything is gnar

-Willie Berkowitz


I’m running through fields

It all seems very surreal

Stuck in class – Asleep

-Jamie Fehrnstrom


Croissants and baguettes

These are foods I love to eat

France is the best place

-Maddy Cuyler