Fears and Phobias Haunt Students


The Doritos orange cheese dust terrifies senior Tyler Hanson.

Karmi Chan, News Editor

It’s pretty common to be afraid of spiders and heights, but here at Miramonte, students have some very peculiar fears and phobias. Take a look at some of the most unusual fears on campus. (Warning: This is not an invitation to terrorize your fellow classmates with said fears.)


“Who knows what could be hiding in there?!”

-freshman Scott Wu


“They’re always watching me.” – junior

Cali Fehrnstrom


“I’m afraid my death will be by way of

treadmill.” – sophomore Anne Marie Hoskins


“They make my skin tingle. I hate the way they feel.” – senior Taylor Nielson

Ice Covering Popsicles

“I cringe and curl up into a ball.” – junior Amrita Newton


“They make me uncomfortable. They’re totally unneccessary.” – senior Kiley Fillinger

Doritos/Cheese Puffs

“The cheese dust is literally my worst

nightmare.” – senior Tyler Hanson