Top 20 Halloween Hits


Molly Swain and Sofia Marinac, Staff Writers

Silly Halloween Songs

1. Monster Mash – Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & the Cryptkickers

“Monster Mash” is a go-to theme song for any Halloween bash. Its playful tempo and spooky Frankenstein voice singing along gets everyone into the Halloween mood. It reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in 1962-time to bring it back!

2. Thriller – Michael Jackson

The king of pop brings us one of the all-time best jam-out songs that just happens to be perfect for our favorite holiday-Halloween. Not to mention its almost 14 minute-long video, complete with actors and epic dance moves depicted in the classic movie 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner.

3. This Is Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The stop motion and clay animated film the Nightmare Before Christmas opens with “This Is Halloween.” Written by Danny Elfman, this song seems to be sung by witches, ghosts and a couple of possessed pumpkins. Goblins, ghouls and ghosts-Oh my!

4. Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley

This playful song sung by Sheb Wooley has got goofy lyrics talking about a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater… All that we can picture is an awesome Halloween costume.

5. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr
A Halloween classic, Ghostbusters is the perfect song to get you in the mood for some trick o’ treating. Or maybe some ghost busting? As old as it is, this 80s tune is just the thing to get you snapping your fingers and feeling the dance moves creepin’ on.
6. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah – 30 Rock Cast
“Werewolf bar mitzvah spooky scary, boys becoming men, men becoming wolves…” lyrics don’t get any better than that. Gotta hand it to Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock, these lyrics are pretty revolutionary. This ridiculous song is a funny addition to anyone’s Halloween playlist.
7. Adams Family Theme Song – Vic Mizzy
The classic Adams family theme song can get anybody ready to play a spooky part on Halloween. It’s impossible not to sing along.
8. Witch Doctor – Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
This song is bound to get stuck in your head with its repetitive and fun beat. Annoying after listening two or three times…but still a great Halloween beat. Ooh ee oh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang!!
9. Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Every Halloween get together could use a fun beat to dance to. Don’t tell us you don’t know how to dance- it tells you how.
10. Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyd Webber
The famous song from Phantom of the Opera seems to be the perfect background music for anyone ready to get into the dramatic costume party mood. The Phantom of the Opera is sure to give you a dramatic Halloween entrance.

Creepy Halloween Songs

Tip: For best result, listen to the following songs in the dark.

1. Hypnos Lullaby – Pokemon

This song is from Pokemon and definitely is not a song you would sing a child to sleep with. Not only are the lyrics extremely creepy and frightening, but the voice in the song is scary enough to give anyone nightmares.

2. Tiptoe Through the Tulips – Tiny Tim

This song, written and sung by Tiny Tim, is played in the movie Insidious. The song was meant to be cheerful and upbeat, but after listening to the high pitched voice and weird lyrics, the listener is left with a feeling of eeriness and discomfort.

3. Tubular Bells Pt. 1 – Mike Oldfield

Although the name “Tubular Bells” may not ring your bell, the song is more commonly known as the theme song from the Exorcist. The simple melody that the bells in the song play gives the listener a feeling of suspense that really keeps you on your  toes… Imagine running from a madman through a forest to this song, if you don’t want to get any sleep tonight.

4. Werewolf – CocoRosie

Not only is the title of the song appropriately creepy, this strange tune brings listeners a dark feeling. With its eerie beat and strangely poetic lyrics it’s almost impossible not to be hooked on this song. The intense imagery of the lyrics just adds to the spooky music video in which a youthful girl seems tainted by her dark makeup and is then seen wearing an all white mask.

5. Candle Cove – Creepypasta

Creepypasta strikes again with yet another creepy song. The song starts off with the familiar sing Yo Ho (“Pirate’s Life For Me”), but is quickly turned scary and intense.

6. It’s a Fine Day (Acapella) – Jane

We suspect this song by Jane was originally meant to be soft and calming… however the way it comes across is an eerie ballad for a not so fine day. Remind us to play this right as the world is about to end in about 60 days.

7. Ring Around the Rosie – Kate Greenway

This classic children’s nursery rhyme by Kate Greenway seems to get scarier once you know the true meaning of the song. The song has been associated with the Great Plague and all of those who died from it. Not only are the lyrics very creepy, but the fact that small children sing it while walking in a circle is enough cause a nightmare if you ask us.

8. Suspiria Theme Song – Goblin

This song is the theme song from the horror movie Suspiria. It starts off normal and calm, but after about 30 seconds of calm, a creepy whisper and drum beat starts playing in the background.

9. There Was an Old Lady All Skin and Bones – Artist Unknown

Although this was made as a children’s Halloween song, it’s very creepy. The song is about an old lady “all skin and bones,” who lives by a graveyard. She finds a pile of bones next to the graveyard, and decides that the most reasonable thing to do is to go back to her closet in her house and get a broom to sweep them up. Someone is hiding in her closet and when she opens it up, they jump out and scream “BOO!” The fact that someone was hiding in her closet is a little frightening, and the lyrics make it a pretty disturbing song.

10. This House is Haunted – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper’s voice in this song added with the lyrics makes the listener uncomfortable. It tells of a girl who died in the house, and now haunts it. The melody itself isn’t that scary which is the reason why it isn’t higher on the list, but it still is pretty creepy regardless.