Emojis: Providers of Insight

Georgia Briskey and Nadine Masarweh, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

The greatest Apple development is not the iPhone 5; it’s the new emoji icons.  They’ve come up with new faces, new characters, new foods, new hand symbols and new animals.  Not only are they cute and fun to send to other people, but you can have conversations with them. Just download the free Emoji app from the App Store. Instead of writing a whole sentence on how you are feeling, you can just send an emoji and it sums everything up. While the majority of the new emojis are outstanding, there are some emojis that make us tilt our heads, furrow our eyebrows and then ask ourselves, “What is this?” Here are a few questionable emojis:

We understand school is something we should take very seriously, Emoji app creator. However, do we really need seven different types of composition notebook emojis? I don’t know what situation a texter would be in where a specific kind of notebook would be needed.

These clocks take up a whopping one and 1/7 pages of the last section in the emoji selector. Keep in mind this is the same section that has astrology signs, weird shapes and arrows pointing in every direction. AKA “the section no one uses.” The only time it would seem normal to see this emoji in a text is if you found yourself in an Emoji Rage* and happen to press one out of the 24 clocks.

*Emoji Rage is the action of quickly and randomly selecting emojis as to cure your sudden textual frustration or rage.

Despite the plethora of new emojis, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need a very specific emoji. We flip through page after page, over and over trying to find that one emoji that fits a text perfectly. With no luck, we realize the emoji doesn’t exist and slip into a dark depressing state. So while we have so many more emojis, there are still a few that are missing that are necessary for basic 21st century survival.

Miramonte Favorites:

“I really like the cat faces because they are so adorable and I love cats.  I like thedifferent faces.” – Senior Gigi Axelrode

“Monkeys are my favorite emoji symbols.  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” – Junior Paige Powell

“The panda bear by far is the most unique emoji.  I use it all the time when sending text messages because I find it so cute.  Most importantly, I like the panda emoji because it looks like me.” -Junior Breanna Alford.

“The pig emoji would be my favorite because one time when I was texting my friend, I sent him a pig letting him know that I just shoved food in my mouth.” -Spanish Teacher Meghan Flores.