Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Claire Marvin, Staff Writer


Mom: Lavande Gift Card

$Undetermined Lavande Spa in Lafayette

Moms do a lot for us. Give her the gift of a relaxing spa day to unwind from the daily stress of being your parent.


Dad: Potty Putter Bathroom Golf Game


If your dad spends as much time on the toilet or out on the course as mine, then the Potty Putter Bathroom Golf Game is the perfect gift.


Sister: Ecote Patterned Canvas Backpack

$40 Urban Outfitters

Canvas backpacks are in this year, and a girl of any age would love to receive this trendy gift.


Brother: In-N-Out gift card


We all know that boys love food. So why not fill both his stomach and his heart with an In-N-Out burger gift card?




Injury-prone friend: What Happened? Bandages

$7.00 Urban Outfitters

It’s okay; we all have that clumsy friend. This year, give the gift of bold bandages complete with bad-ass explanations for his or her injury.


Preppy friend: Modern-Preppy Handbook


The updated version of “The Preppy Handbook,” “True Prep” is perfect for the prepster in your life.


Jock friend: Nike Elite Socks,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-401279/pgid-439391

$14.00 Nike

Give the gift of super-swag this holiday season by giving your jock friend a pair of Nike Elite socks. The come in a variety of colors and complete the jock-look.


The over-emotional friend: Rom-Com Pack and Chocolates



Avoid sob-sessions by giving your friend the ultimate rom-com pack. Included are How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, What Women Want, Win a Date with Thad Hamilton!, Forces of Nature, and Just Like Heaven. As no rom-com session is complete without chocolates, throw in a box of See’s candies.


Cat-loving friend: Crazy Cat Lady Board-Game


Fulfill any cat-lover’s dream with the purrrfect Crazy Cat Lady game.


Music-Junkie friend: Portable Speaker


This year’s hot tech gift is the oh-so-portable hamburger shaped speaker. It comes in virtually every color imaginable, making it the perfect gift for that friend who just can’t help him or herself from blasting music at the most inappropriate times.


Nerdy friend: Star-Trek Tribble Slippers with sound


Trouble with Tribbles? Dive into the world of Startrek and buy these furry slippers that make cute tribble purring noises when you slip them on. They’re Spock- approved to please any nerdy friend.


OCD friend: Bubble Popping Calendar


Allow your OCD friend to blow off some steam by perfectly popping each day of the week on this OCD friendly bubble calendar.


Significant Others


Boyfriend: Sports Team Tickets


Guys love sports, and girls love to spend time with their guy. So why not go for 2 and give him a pair of sports tickets for the both of you to enjoy?


Girlfriend: Boyfriend Arm Pillow


Don’t let your girlfriend feel alone this holiday season. Give her the plush Dream Man Arm Pillow to keep her warm and comfy for the times when you’re too busy watching ESPN.